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Indoor Tanning Tax

Do you want a better body or a nice tan?

Section 9017 of H.R.3590, the Patient Protection and Affordability Act, imposes an excise tax of 5% on any service considered to be elective cosmetic surgery. The tax was scheduled to begin [retroactively] on all procedures performed after January 1, 2010.


What Is NewHealthCarePlan.com?

NewHealthCarePlan.com is a resource for all things related to health care plans, including current events on health care reform. The site is written by average citizens for average citizens. The government's regulations and the health industry's complex systems are often very difficult to understand and navigate. The goal of NewHealthCarePlan.com is to make the process of determining qualification and plan availability for average people, more efficient and less costly in terms of time and money.

Our end goal is to provide easy-to-use applications that determine a user's eligibility and then simply lay out the options available. This might sound easy up front, but as we have begun to dig into the law and regulatory statutes that govern these processes, we have found what amounts to a maze of red-tape and paperwork. As we develop the site, we will do our best to "untangle" this twisted mess.

To achieve this overall goal, we have to navigate the law and do our best at interpreting it. For this reason, we list our references so that you can see for yourself how we arrived at particular conclusions. As the law changes (or doesn't?) we will follow and do our best to make common sense (as best is possible,) of new and existing regulations. With that said, we must insist that no information on our site be construed as legal or medical advice as we are not professionals in either field. Moreover, we are just normal people trying to help others make sense of the highly complex system that is health care.